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Ben Naylor

Ben likes things. Lots of things. In fact he loves them so much that he doesn't dislike anything. Hardly anything at all. He particularly likes hens.


Rob Edwards

Rob likes things almost as much as Ben. Rob only dislikes things that are not good. Once he actually hated something. It was a very bad thing.

Dom Naylor

Dom likes hard work and gardens. He works hard and gets great joy from it. Then he goes into his garden and smiles.

 John Naylor

John is a stone mason. Stone mason's dislike stone an incredible amount. They hit it and stab it and drop it on their toes.

Big Adam

Adam is a stone mason, similar to John. The main difference is that Adam is much bigger than John. And Adam doesn't mind stone so much.

Rob Poole

Rob prefers carving wood to most other things. Except hats. He would rather spend an afternoon knitting a new beanie than carve wood but as they say, it pays the bills.

Lovely Linda

Linda, named after Linda Carter, better known as Wonder Woman is a world champion twig whittler. She can strip a twig in under a second with her hands bound.

James Fay

James Jamesy James. Don't call him Jaimie. James will do just fine. Not Jimmy, or Jim either. Fayster is also not a name he's fond of being called.

Andrew de Firth

Andrew de Firth, third son of Flynn de Firth the Arch-Prince of Gamesley is a direct descendant of a Roman Centurion based at the Fort that once stood on that ground. 


Ben Burford


Previous Jack Badger Interns


Sophie is the baby of the at just 4 years old. When she's all grown up she wants to build colonial homes out of oak on the moon. And she'll probably do it too.

Jamie Magic Torch

Jamie Magic Torch as you might have guessed is a dog lover. He has 9 dogs. His favourite? You guessed it - Wordsworth.


Sam Bleaden


Harriet Eaveson


Tom Rogers