Our team

Jack Badger is a team of highly talented and knowledgeable traditional joiners and carvers. Together, with a whole whole host of other talents across the workshop and the business, we work on some of the most beautiful and prestigious joinery projects throughout the UK. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we’ve worked hard to grow and develop our team and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved together.

Ben Naylor

Managing Director

Ben the Hen, so called having been raised by hens for the first seven years of his life by his adopted mother Henrieta until her untimely passing in the winter of 1995. She will be remembered not least for having given selflessly of herself to make a stew to keep Ben warm on a particularly cold day in the coop. Sad story.

James Fay

Operations Director

Futuristic vibes wit a flow so smooth, am’a be droppin’ some  real shizz till dawn breakz yo! Jame Fey DJ to all the A listers in da house on a Tuesday night at the Station Inn, Little Pocklington y’aaaaaall.

Chris Harrison

Commercial Director

Or to use his nom de plume C. Harry Harrisonium doubles as the children’s author of the well known titles “The Hammer and the Thumb”, “The Nail and the Foot” and South Korean bestseller “트랙터에서 치킨놀이” inspired by that beautifully ironic scene in Footloose when Ren gets his shoelace caught to the sound of Bonnie Tyler belting out “Holding out for a Hero”.

Jamie Redfearn

Workshop Manager

Jamie Magic Torch as you might have guessed is a dog lover. According to Mr Boo of Cuckoo Land he has had nine dogs in total. His favourite? You guessed it - the first, Wordsworth due to his broad Devonshire accent.

Lewis Brennan


Former undertaker Lewis enjoys nothing more than meeting up with his supernatural pals in the local graveyard. “These crazy spooks are just such a blast” he says of them.



Sadly Kat lost her memory as a 2 year old. In her lifelong quest to retrace her early years she’s spent many long hours hanging out in nurseries all over the world, finger painting and printing with carved slices of potato. We’re very happy to say that she has been able to fill in almost all of the blanks now.

Brad Dearden


Bradley is an avid novelist when he's not trying to find new angles from which to saw timber. He claims his books are widely read by people whose eyes are further apart than you’d expect them to be.

Steve Brown


Steve Brown’s ambition is to take heritage joinery skills to Mars aboard the 2nd (always thinking is our Steve) manned flight to the notorious 4th planet in our solar system. After recent news that water could be present he’s aiming to start the future colony’s first boat building workshop.

Gary Jordan


Oh Gary Gary, Gary Gary Gary Gary Gary Jordan. Yep Gary absolutely loves backgammon. He has attended every world championship match since 2021 and relishes making up chants for his competitor of choice. One day he hopes to miniaturise himself and run all the way across the board without getting stopped by the event security.

Libby Sherwood

Development Joiner

Libby Sherwood formerly Elizabeth Shermetal is so dedicated to her work that she changed her surname upon being offered the position with us. We can’t express how grateful we are to her family for this sacrifice. Incidentally as legend would have it, Libby is widely regarded as a “wholesome” name.

Rob Poole

Master of Carving

Rob Poole is the “primary timeline” version of Robert Poole, Emperor of the Known Universe. Rob was visited by his alternate dimension counterpart on the evening of December 31st 1999 when the Emperor fancied a banging night out without all the usual pomp and ceremony, and thought The Hare in Broadbottom would be a pretty good bet due to the decent ale and poor mobile reception.

Tom Rogers


Graham T. Rogers III or Tom to his friends, has been a dedicated follower of leatherback sea turtles since learning how to swim as a small child. As you probably know these marine reptilians can travel as much as 10,000 miles each year and Tom is very proud to be on his second Sea Turtle. “It’s hard to find the time but I try to get at least a couple of miles in each weekend.” says Tom.

Liz Barlow


Liz completely gave up sitting on stools and sofas, and in fact any type of seat apart from the venerable G-Plan 6250 swivel chair, at the age of 12. This coincided with the launch of her favourite film "You Only Live Twice". Combined with the strong backlighting she prefers for detailing oak carvings and her vaguely Eastern European accent it can be a bit intimidating at first when you need to speak with her. But the beautiful fluffy white cat that she constantly pets on her lap soon defuses the tension.

Ben Burford

Carver and Metalworks

With great sorrow, we announce the passing of Benjamin Vann Burford, 36, on June 16, 2023. He was surrounded by grace and love in his final moments. Oh, hang on, he’s back. Seems he popped to Tesco for some milk for the tea room. We genuinely thought we’d lost him there for a moment.

Adam Leak


When Adam isn’t putting the finishing touches to our wonderful creations, he runs a hugely successful side hustle as a surgeon in the metaverse. He’s amassed an astounding virtual wealth and is hoping to retire into the metaverse full time when he reaches 40.

Julie Gordon


Julie, niece of a venerated space opera hero, having defeated Miriam the Merciless and escaped the planet Mongo on a cobbled together wooden spacecraft is now in hiding in the inconsequential village of Old Glossop. Happily she’s making the most of her time sharing her skills and experiences of space joinery with Team JB. Brian Blessed is reportedly thrilled and has been heard calling out “Gordon’s Alive!”

Carl Moriarty

Workshop Caretaker

Carl’s absolute favourite pastime is creating autocorrect fail memes. “Apart from it being great fun and always the topic du jour down the local pub, it’s also a great way to pass the time.”

Ben Butler


Ex-physicist Ben is 100% at home in your home fitting your brand new doors, floors or panelling. This is probably because in his own home, which is really little more than a sealed box (oak panelled of course) with a radioactive isotope powered detonator connected to an explosive material, he likes to think that he’s both dead and alive at the same time. “Beats watching TV” he muses.

Lee Hargreaves


Lee is from a reasonably nice spa town referred to as Buxton. Nestled in the reasonably nice Peak District National Park he likes to make good use of the natural local features and has become one of the country’s leading underground sailors. A little known fact about underground sailing is that the ropes (or lines as sailors call them) are allowed to be phosphorescent. Lee however uses standard daylight lines as he has a genetic anomaly that gives him cat vision.

Guy Sproulle

CAD Technician

Quite an aficionado of the dying art of note-taking, Guy likes nothing more than sitting in meetings chiselling away on his pre-prepared stone tablets making sure that all the details are there for everyone to refer to down the track. This plays a huge part in ensuring we serve our customers to the highest standards without the risk of fire or flood.

Cat Upton

Office Manager

Cat is the current holder of the Guinness World Record for the number of mouse teeth that can fit into an ocean going supertanker. In fact the officiating representative, Norris McWhirter Jnr Jnr had to cease counting when the count exceeded the number of places he could fit onto his calculator screen. Nonetheless he declared Cat, holder of the record and stated that he doubted whether anyone would ever make a calculator with more places that his.

Andy Snape

Production Controller

There once was a controller called Snape Who’s limericks often take shape. On his yacht lit by moon. As he flies his balloon. With his undies outside and a cape.

Harriet Eaveson

Marketing Executive

One of Harriet’s many conspiracy theorist wind ups, in fact her absolute favourite, is to fly her drone into the air along the Longdendale Valley and disperse fine water droplets into the air at various altitudes then project clusters of small balls of coloured light onto the vapour clouds. She’s also in the process of designing and building a time machine, which evidently at some point she will succeed in.

Vicky Boyce

Marketing Consultant

Vicky, once an assistant to the 43rd Doctor (of Doctor Who fame), can wiggle all three of her ears. Yes you read that correctly, wiggle! Of this amazing talent she says “it comes in extremely useful working in marketing - they say only 50% of marketing works but no-one knows which 50% - except me”.

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